3 Important Things To Know About Multi-Car Insurance Plans

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If you own more than one car and do not currently have all your vehicles insured by the same company, you should consider switching your insurance coverage. Insuring multiple cars on one policy is called purchasing a multi-car auto insurance plan, and this type of plan can be beneficial for you in many ways. Here are several important things to understand about multi-car insurance policies if you own several cars.

Insuring cars together results in a discount

The main reason you should insure all your cars through one insurance company is to receive the discount offered for a multi-car policy. If you add up the insurance costs you pay for all the cars you have covered through different insurance companies, you will likely be paying more than you would if you insured them all together on a multi-car policy. You can easily find this out by contacting an insurance company to ask for a quote.

You can choose different coverages for each car

Secondly, you should understand that insuring all your cars on one policy does not require that you have the same coverage on every vehicle. You actually can customize the coverage you have for each vehicle, which means you can have the exact coverage you want for every vehicle. If you just need liability coverage for one and full-coverage for another car, you can do this. You will just need to tell the agent what types of coverages you want for each of the cars you own, and the agent will write up your policy accordingly.

You can choose different deductibles for each car

The other thing to know is that you can also choose a different deductible for each car you own. If you want a low deductible on one and a high deductible on another, you have the right and flexibility to do this. You can choose all the different options for your cars, even if they are all insured on the same policy, and this is a huge benefit most people do not realize.

Another benefit of insuring your cars through the same company is that insurance will be easier to manage. You will have just one payment to make, and you will know exactly who to call if you have insurance questions or need to file a claim on any of your vehicles. You can learn more about multi-car policies by talking to an insurance agent. Look for a local auto insurance agency like Phillip R Davis Insurance and ask them about your vehicles. 

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